An extensive Automotive Fragrance Center (AFC) showcases a wide selection of imported car air fresheners proven to improve your customers’ driving experience, guarantee customer satisfaction and increase your sales.

By creating an extensive Automotive Fragrance Center, your store can be the “one-stop-shop” for all automotive needs. Showcasing and offering high quality, best-selling air fresheners shows value to customers and how you only want the best for the best.

Raise the bar when it comes to showing how much you care about your customers – Invest in your Automotive Fragrance Center and watch your business grow.

Attract More Customers

A fully stocked Automotive Fragrance Center (AFC) in your establishment can easily attract new customers who seek the practicality, availability and accessibility of premium auto fragrances and keep them coming back for more.

Competitive Advantage

Being the only establishment with a full stock of high-quality, premium and imported car fresheners of different scents and styles gives you competitive advantage over other stores who carry only the most basic selections of automotive fragrances.

Proven Bestsellers

These premium, high quality car air fresheners are proven bestsellers that are guaranteed to attract more customers as it has done for hundreds of establishments in countries all over the world.

Low Initial Investment & High Profitability

A fully stock Automotive Fragrance Center (AFC) requires only an initial investments of $499.00. This includes 13 cases of 35 different varieties of various fragrances that have all been proven favorites in the market for more than five centuries.


The Works consist of 55 cases of different varieties of assorted brands such as My Shaldan and Treefrog air fresheners. These are enough to fill your Automotive Fragrance Center with a wide assortment of fragrances and styles to choose from such as gel-type, under-the-seat, wafer-type, cardboard type and mist spray car air fresheners.

We believe that when we take care of our customers like the way we take care of our business, we gain a customer for life. If for any reason, you are dissatisfied with your purchase or if our products has not benefited your business, simply return any unopened items and we will give you a refund.*

Free listing in our dealers directory

Being a part of our dealers’ directory opens up more business opportunities. By being recognized as a dealer of My Shaldan and Treefrog air fresheners on our website, customers may now locate the closest establishment to them and purchase your items directly through your store.